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Global Transfer Pricing Solutions

Looking for a benchmarking study or Transfer Pricing documentation?
We deliver cost effective transfer pricing solutions for Multi National Enterprises (MNE’s).
Our deliverables fulfill both OECD and domestic legislation guidelines.


Why choose us?

Transfer Pricing Projects done for Worldwide Multinational Capital Groups
Years of expertise in Transfer Pricing, tax, law, finance and accounting
Number of satisfied Clients during our practice and as advisor
Areas of expertise – TP documentation, benchmarks, valuation

What we can do for you

Transfer Pricing Documentation

We deliver both local documentation (from a company perspective, so-called Local File) as well as group documentation (Master File).

Master File

Group documentation for the biggest MNE’s with revenue exceeding the statutory thresholds

Local File

Most common, single company perspective documentation


Aggregated documentation for the biggest multinational groups

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking Study

We deliver comparative analysis (benchmarking studies) for all types of transactions. The most frequent transactions that require the preparation of benchmarking study are presented below:

Goods and Services

Analysis of the profitability of service prices, production and distribution activities in relation to the market level of mark-up or margin

Licences and intangible assets

Determining the market level of fees for licenses regarding the logo, know-how, patents and other intangible assets


Determining the market interest rate for loans, bonds, guarantees and securities

We also serve our clients in the field of goodwill/enterprise and intangible assets valuation. Find out more about our services and pricing.

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How we do it

Our execution

We find the right solutions for our Clients in area of Transfer Pricing Documentation and benchmarking purposes. We deliver fast and cost effective documentation worldwide.

Our values

Three of our core values are: Excellence, Efficiency and Productivity. Aside from the integrity and unshakeable work ethics — but that goes without saying.

Our people

You have on your side a group of highly skilled transfer pricing, business and tax experts, ready to share 12 years of their experience in supporting Professionals and huge organisations from around the world.

Companies Who Trusted Us

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