Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer Pricing Documentation

We deliver tailor-made branded reports for taxpayers all over the world both in form of Local and Master File Documentation. Price for basic Local File starts from $800.

In some cases the taxpayer should attach to the Transfer Pricing Documentation the benchmarking study. Therefore in order to provide the documentation which will be fully compliant we also tailor the benchmark, based on transaction details and internal or external comparables.

We would be happy to assist you also with fulfilling the CbCr requirements. Below we present sample solutions which are the most common choice of our Clients


Review of Transfer Pricing obligations

€ 0

Local File

Basic Global Standard Documentation File

€ 800

Local File +

Additional adjustment for local regulations

+ € 300

Tailored benchmarking study

Benchmarking studies / Comparability analyzes

Our flagship products are benchmarking analyzes for such transactions as:

  • Commodity transactions including distribution and production of goods ($2,000),
  • Provision of services including: IT, support, management etc. ($2,200),
  • License of trademark, know-how, patents, franchise agreements ($1,900)
  • Financial transactions such as Loans, bonds and guarantees ($2,500),

Your profit

  • You gain fully tailored report and access to more than 4 Transfer Pricing Databases,
  • You get the fully tailored report quickly and effectively.

Feel free to contact us for further details

How does it work?

We tailor customized Benchmarking Study for your Transaction by carrying out the following steps:

Single benchmark database export

In case you are experienced analyst and you would not need our assistance in tailoring the transfer pricing benchmark report we can provide you the input (comparable data) for DIY solution.

We recommend that solution for professionals looking for comparable data only

Royalties, franchise fees, intangibles and other third party agreements

Single export with sufficient comparables for defending your Profit Level


Goods, tangibles, profit level indicator for every functional profile

Single export based on provided criteria, at least 100 comparables


Business valuation / structuring

Additionally, we provide the services in area of business valuation and restructuring.

All the prices above are estimations and may vary dependable on the circumstances.

Please contact us for the detailed quotation.

The project was carried out in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and effective cooperation with Benchmarket. The works entrusted to Benchmarket were made with great care, diligence and professionalism.

CEO, Multinational Mining Company

Considering the high level of services provided, we may recommend Benchmarket as a reliable and trustworthy business partner with very competitive rates.

CFO, Multinational Gas Distributor

We found services of Benchmarket very purposive for structuring our Transfer Pricing Policy and profitability level of concluded transactions.

Chief Accountant, European Real Estate Developer

We were able to promptly deliver the documentation to tax authorities, compliant with local rules and multinational guidelines. There were no further reservations from the tax authorities site.

CEO, Local Manufacturer